Edward Jean Welker, Cello

Edward Jean Welker

OOOooooOOO, I have my own biography? Who let that happen???

Hi, my name is listed above, as is my favorite instrument, the oboe. Ok, that's not exactly true, I play the cello and it is by far my favorite instrument. No offense to Saint-Saƫns' Act 3 Scene 2, I still love you oboe! Must be something about the O's.

In elementary school, the music teacher came in and demonstrated all of the string instruments to the class. I heard the cello and went home to tell my parents I wanted to play that night. This is from a person indecisive enough to take years before deciding to play baseball as a kid.

I've got Rostropovich's autograph stashed away somewhere, own the scores to Prokofiev 2, 4, 5, and 6, a rare English biography of Miaskovsky, and a book of Alfred Brendel's poetry. My parents met singing Beethoven 9, and my dad once had lunch with Messaien. (Though my grandfather once had a steak with Ted Williams.) I like everything about music except Lalo and Yo-Yo, so it must again be something about the O's. (But I still love you Ottorino!)

As Clark Kent, I am a nerd. My day job is writing websites, specifically PubMed. In my spare time I revel in any hobby I can concoct, be that music, photography, cycling, or... other nerd things.

Since there is literally nothing else about me... time for music shout-outs! Big props to my old quartet (Peggy, Mollie & Ariel!), my cello friends (Kacy, Kristen), my music friends [yes, IN order!] (Andrea, Ashleigh, Cameo, Celia, Enoch, Jerome, Robin [the oldest], and Val [the newest]), my orchestras, GBYO & UMD, and Jason, my sisters, and... everyone else I missed and cause trouble with!

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