Howard County Schools Young People's Concert

In 2011, the Columbia Orchestra and Howard County Public School System entered into an exciting new partnership to bring high-quality, affordable, full symphony orchestra concerts to third grade students. The pilot program presented on April 11, 2012 was a great success! This year's concerts take place on April 1, 2020 at 10:00 and 11:15 am, running about 50 minutes each.

The orchestra and music teachers share the goals of inspiring and nurturing a lifelong love of symphonic music in students. We believe there's no better way to get kids excited about great music than exposing them to REAL symphonic music played by a LIVE orchestra!

Rather than presenting pieces written specifically for children's youth concerts, music on these programs feature short orchestral masterpieces kids can love - just like from the days of "Looney Tunes!" The concert features:

  • Finlandia by Sibelius
  • The third movement of Mahler's First Symphony (arranged)
  • Mozart's Overture to the Impresario
  • Conga del Fuego Nuevo by Arturo Marquez

Each work is presented in a fun, interactive context which guides active listening. And because the content is geared towards the state and county's third grade music curriculum and goals, we seek to reinforce what students are learning in the music classroom.

Special thanks to Constellation, the Howard County Public School Music Office and the generosity of the orchestra's musicians!

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