American Composer Competition
Past Winners

The Results of Previous Competitions


Winner: Christopher Weiss:Voice of the Unknown Soldier


  • Dorothy Chang: Strange Air
  • Amos Gillespie: Season to Taste
  • Timothy Kramer: Party Favors
  • Ben Phelps: Overture Maximus
  • Paul Siskind: Organal Dances
  • Philip Wharton: Symphony No. 1


Winner: Albert Hurwit: Symphony No. 1 “Remembrance”, third movement


  • Brian Fennelly: Reflections/Metamorphosis
  • Anthony Iannaccone: Dancing on Vesuvius
  • Mark Lackey: Convergence
  • Elizabeth Lim: Paranoia
  • Justin Merritt: River of Blood
  • Philip Rothman: Arc of Visibility
  • David Schneider: Automation


Winner: David Heuser: A Screaming Comes Across the Sky


  • Randolph Partain: Blood Rite
  • David Sartor: Concerto for Orchestra
  • Arthur Gottschalk: Amelia
  • Laurence Bitensky: A Perfect Rest
  • Mark Lortz: Deus Ex Machina
  • Anthony Iannaccone: The Colors of Dream
  • Kevin Walczyk: Capriccio
  • Takuma Itoh: Concerto for Orchestra
  • Lee Actor: Variations and Fugue


Winner: David Dzubay: Shadow Dance


  • Lee Actor: Prelude to a Tragedy
  • Arthur Gottschalk: Amelia
  • Anthony Iannaccone: The Colors of Dream
  • Rob Smith: Push
  • Antonio Carlos DeFeo: What's That I Hear?
  • Charles Bestor: Variations for Orchestra
  • Joshua Penman: Songs the Plants Taught Us
  • Ernst Bacon: Smokey Mountain Scherzo


Winner: Thomas Shnauber: Indigo Street


  • Yuanlin Chen: Overture - Rhapsody
  • Paul Richards: Trip Hammer
  • Stephan Prock: Garden Varieties
  • Cynthia Miller: Frequent Flier
  • Jeff Manookian: NEXUS
  • Erich Stern: Escape
  • Allen Menton: Shape-Note Fantasy
  • Daniel Powers: The Starry Messenger
  • James Ra: Awakened Spirit
  • Christopher Pierce: Aquarelle
  • Garrett Byrnes: The Flames of Imbolc

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