greg jukes



Greg Jukes (he/him) loves performing! His whole life has been filled with music. Greg got his first drum lessons when he was 5 after banging on pots and pans in the kitchen for years before that. Ever since, Greg has enjoyed studying music–exploring new sounds, discovering exciting and strange rhythms, and learning about styles of playing from around the world. Greg went to college thinking he was going to become a percussionist in a big orchestra, but then he got introduced to music that involved speaking, acting, and playing drums at the same time. That changed everything. Being able to share stories, sounds, and feelings with music and words was so thrilling! Ever since, Greg has created shows that bring together different performing styles including music, acting, dance, acrobatics, lights, and video. Today you’ll see Greg talking about how the orchestra makes music and telling the story of Peter and the Wolf. Other days you may find him riding across the stage on a hoverboard while playing accordion with his group The Fourth Wall ensemble or leading workshops with an electronic bucket drumming system he created. Or maybe you’ll catch him cooking in the kitchen, which is his favorite thing to do when not performing or teaching.

Greg’s favorite thing to cook and eat is a spicy tomato and egg shakshuka with homemade bread. His favorite color is probably yellow, though orange is also very good and then there’s this beautiful blueish grey that can happen in the sky just after sunset or on the water during a cloudy day. Purple is also excellent.

Photo: Adam DeTour

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